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What Are You Wearing?

Brides: Off-white photographs better than white.

If you have tattoos and do not want them to show, its okay to wear long sleeves or a light wrap. If youre happy to have your tattoos show, go ahead and wear a strapless dress if you want.

Long dress or short one? Your choice, but remember, we will take some pictures of you sitting in the sand. Sometimes a short skirt doesnt work as well in that situation.

If you have your dress hemmed before the wedding, be sure to let the seamstress know that you will be having a beach wedding and may be barefoot or in flip-flops. So you should be barefoot when you get the dress hemmed.

And speaking of shoes…..flat shoes, barefoot or flip flops are a better answer. High heels will sink in the sand and it will be hard to walk.

Check yourself in the mirror (front and back) before you leave home or hotel room. Undergarments showing?


Grooms: Gray or tan photographs better than black.

If your wedding is going to be in Virginia during the summer months, it will be hot. Often the guys wear khaki shorts and a white un-tucked shirt. But if you prefer a dark suit, thats fine too.

If the groom is not wearing a jacket (due to the heat) but wants more than just a shirt, a vest is a good idea. It adds color that can coordinate with the brides colors and gives a more formal look.

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