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Timing is Everything

At Beach Weddings Virginia, we ONLY do sunset weddings. Thats because that period of time offers the very best lighting for good photos. Photography is very important to us and we want to be sure that you have the best conditions possible. Having the right lighting gives you the optimal best chance for great photos. But a late start ruins that chance. There are many reasons why a wedding could be late starting, and all are avoidable.

Below are a few reasons that couples have given us. Please dont let any of them happen to you:

  1. We forgot the rings and had to go back to our hotel
  2. We forgot the bouquet and had to go back to our hotel
  3. Some family (or friends) are not here yet and they are supposed to follow us
  4. Some family (or friends) are not here yet so we cant start the wedding
  5. We are stuck in traffic. (in Virginia Beach in the summer?? You’re kidding!! Who would have thought there would be any other cars on the road at the beach in the summer time!!)
  6. I dont want the groom to see me so I am holding back
  7. The bouquets & boutonnieres are not here yet
  8. We cant find the groom
  9. My cell phone is dead and I cant find anybody
  10. GPS sent me to the wrong place
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