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Photographers Tips

After the wedding, during your photo session, you will be well aware of the photographer and will pay attention to the expression on your face, your posture and mannerisms as he/she is snapping away. But during your wedding ceremony, you may not be as aware that your image is being captured over and over again.

This is a collection of tips I have developed from years of photographing couples as their wedding ceremony is in progress:

  • Stand up straight, roll your shoulders back and relax them.
  • Go ahead and laugh, smile and look at your spouse-to-be.
  • No vacant stares.
  • Its okay to cry.
  • Dont fiddle with your hair or clothing too much.
  • Take your time placing the rings on each others finger to give the photographer plenty of opportunities to capture it from just the right angle.
  • Dont cover up the ring as you place it on the others finger. You might have to practice that.
  • After the first kiss, go ahead and kiss again. Youre married now!
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