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Are You Compatible?

Is this the one? Have you found your perfect mate? Take this compatibility test and see for yourself.

This is not a simple yes-or-no questionnaire. Please take the time to discuss your answers together. You want to be sure that you are entering this marriage with confidence that it will truly last “for as long as you both shall live” and will bring you fulfillment.

1. When you’re upset or angry about something your partner does or fails to do, do you find it easy to tell her/him about it?

2. Can you reveal your weaknesses and worries to your partner without fear of embarrassment, criticism or judgment?

3. Do you check with each other about money concerns that affect both of you? When it comes to finances, do you usually agree on what to spend your money on?

4. Who will pay the bills and keep the checkbook?

5. What are your convictions about the use of credit cards?

6. What are your convictions about other debts (car loans, mortgages, etc.)?

7. Do you believe that your partner understands the importance of the work that you do and respects the time you need to do it?

8. How will you make decisions once you are married?

9. Do you discuss important decisions and the impact they will have on both of you?

10. Are your needs for intimacy being met?

11. Do you find that agreements you’ve made can be altered without huge upset?

12. Where do you want to live?

13. In what setting would you want to live (i.e. city, suburb, small town, rural, plains, mountains, desert, coastal, etc.)?

14. What do you expect your standard of living to look like after five years of marriage?

15. Who will prepare each meal?

16. What types of food will you eat?

17. How often do you want to eat out?

18. How clean do you want your home to be? What does “clean” mean to you?

19. Who will do the following?

Laundry & ironing
Purchasing groceries
Automobile maintenance
Home repairs and yard work
General household cleaning
Cleaning bathrooms
Making the bed

20. Do you want a pet in the home? If so, what type?

21. Do you want to have children? If so, how many and when do you want to start?

22. What would you do if you cannot conceive children of your own?

23. What is your view on abortion?

24. What is your view on birth control?

25. If you do have children, who will be the primary nurturer/caregiver of your children?

26. How will you discipline your children?

27. How often do you want to invite people to your home?

28. What kind of entertaining do you expect to do (formal, informal, lavish or simple)?

29. What will be the role of television in your lives and what guidelines will you have?

30. What about movies?

31. How will your personal friendships change after marriage?

32. How will you relate to opposite-sex friends?

33. What hobbies or recreational pursuits will you pursue individually? Together? How often will you pursue them?

34. How do you feel about having alcoholic beverages in your home?

35. Where will you spend major holidays? How will you decide?

36. What expectations do you have for celebrating holidays?

37. What will you do during your vacations?

38. How will you celebrate birthdays and anniversaries?

39. How much will you spend on gifts for family, friends and each other?

40. How will you spend your weekends?

41. How do you think your relationship to your parent(s) will change after you are married?

42. How much time do you anticipate spending with your parents and in-laws?

43. What other relatives do you expect to be involved in your life? How?

44. How involved do you want your parents and in-laws to be in your children’s lives? How will you accomplish this?

45. And finally, if this questionnaire has brought out any issues that were not asked, please discuss them in full too.


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