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Talk to your photographer

You may be planning to do some special act or rituals during your wedding ceremony or after. The Hawaiian sand ceremony, “wish to the sea”, “jumping the broom” and walking through a gauntlet of swords, bubbles or sparklers are all popular. These are great ways to personalize your ceremony; and they offer excellent photo opportunities. Just be sure to talk to your photographer in advance so he/she can be ready and in place to get the best shots. Also the photographer can recommend the timing of such acts. For instance, you might be thinking of having your guests use sparklers to light your way back down the aisle after the ceremony. But if it’s not dark yet, they will be ineffective. Your photographer can plan out the best time and the staging. The “wish to the sea” is a good way to involve your guests but the timing is critical if you want photos with all your guests tossing the sand-dollars at once. Remember, your photographer has one primary goal on your wedding day…capturing great photos of your wedding. So use him/her as your resource.

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