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What’s The Big Deal About Sunset?

Every good photographer will tell you that sunset is the best time of day for good portrait photos. That’s absolutely right, and here are the reasons. At sunset, the sun is low in the sky which means the sun is hitting you more straight on instead of from directly overhead. This is a more flattering angle because there is less chance of harsh shadows under your eyebrows, nose and chin. The sunset lighting is also more gentle and pleasing for portraiture. But there are additional reasons sunset is the best time of day for good photos on the beach. Close to sunset, the sand cools off, sunbathers start leaving the beach and the air is more comfortable.  We love sunset photos and two of our smaller, elopement-style packages are intentionally timed exactly to coincide with the setting of the sun. They are: the “Sunset Wedding for Two” and the “Keep It Simple Sweetie” package. For our larger weddings where guests may be invited, we strongly encourage the couple to consider the sunset time frame.  But we understand they may have other priorities they have to work around. For a 2-person, elopement style wedding, we set the ceremony to be about 60 minutes before the sun will set that day. If all goes as planned, the sun will be setting just as we are finishing up those last romantic photos. With a larger wedding, the ceremony time may be scheduled 90 minutes before the sun will set. This allows more time for procession, ceremony, family photos and wedding party photos. We still like to do the last romantic photos as the sun is setting. A sunset also makes a gorgeous background for wedding pictures.

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