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Props…we love them!

We love props! Sometimes when couples arrive for their wedding, they bring a few props. We love that. Props help to personalize their photos and add a unique quality that shows something about the couple. Props can be as simple as a sign that says “Just Married” or can be quite elaborate.

Here are a few examples of props that some of our creative couples have brought to their wedding. Hand-painted signs, pictures, frames, banners, a parasol, golf clubs, fishing poles, sea shells, feathers, hats, funny sunglasses, etc. One couple brought a ball-and-chain which the bride wrapped around the groom’s ankle. We had a lot of fun with that.

If you decide you want to bring some props to your wedding, we suggest that you choose objects that have some significant meaning to you as an individual couple. Also, you might want items that you will keep on display in your home along with your wedding photos.

A few sources for props are: Michaels, Hobby Lobby and Etsy. Have fun with it.

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