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How do I change my name after we are married?

This is a question a lot of brides ask me.

It is much easier than you think. As soon as we are finished with your ceremony, you will legally be married and you will legally be able to use your new married name. There is just a little paperwork that needs to follow, but that’s no big deal because people get married every day. After the wedding, I will complete your marriage license and mail it back to the same courthouse you got it from. Then you give them a couple of days to receive it from me. Write to them and request one or more certified copies of the completed license. The courts charge $2.50 each for certified copies. They will mail it/them to you. The certified copy is the document you will need to change your name on your social security. Social security is the first thing you should change because once you have a new social security card, all the other name-change events are easy. That would be driver’s license, bank accounts, insurance, etc.


Technically, your name will already be your new married name when we are through with the “I Do” part. It’s just a matter of having the paperwork catching up through the system.


BTW if you are going to change your email address, be sure I have the new one because that’s how I will be sending you a link to your online wedding announcement or video if you are getting either of those.

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