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The Ultimate Intimate Wedding

Why is it becoming a growing trend to have a private intimate wedding for two without any guests? Many reasons: logistics and budget being primary reasons. Family members may be scattered geographically at such great distances, that it would be impossible to choose a date and location that would work for everyone. For instance, we recently had a couple from Northern Virginia. The Groom’s family were in Arizona and the Bride’s family all lived in New England. They had been trying for months to choose a wedding date and venue that would accommodate the schedules of everyone in both families. Conflicts with work schedules and vacation times prevented attendance of some of the guests they most wanted to see. They decided the best answer was to simply choose a venue they liked and have an intimate ceremony just for themselves. They also wanted great photos and video to share with others afterwards. This is what Beach Weddings Virginia specializes in and we were happy to help them design the package that suited their needs perfectly. After their intimate “Sunset Wedding for Two” on the beach, they enjoyed a stay in a Virginia Beach resort before returning home. Two weeks later, they went out west to visit the Groom’s family and show them their photos and video. That trip was followed by a visit with the Bride’s family in the Northeast. They had receptions in both places. Everyone was happy and the total cost was a fraction of what a large wedding would have been.

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