Why Elope?

Why would a young couple choose to elope? There are many excellent reasons. The reasons come under the categories of Logistics, Time, Stress, Privacy and Money.


Often their families are geographically spread out across the globe which means choosing a location and a date that is convenient for everyone is nearly impossible. Rather than offend one side of the family while accommodating the other…they choose to just go to a nice location they like to visit and get married. Easy. Later, they can go back home and have two or three mini-receptions to celebrate with the people most important to them. And, better yet, if they have excellent photos and/or video, they can share their special moments over again.


For a large catered wedding with all the trimmings, it can take from 18 months to 2 years to make the arrangements for the venue, catering, music, flowers, decorations, lodging, transportation, food & beverage etc. Sometimes, a couple just doesn’t have that much time to dedicate to such an event. By comparison, a 2-person/zero-guest wedding can be arranged within one week’s time. If the couple chooses a pre-planned package, they could have a nice, intimate ceremony and great photos and/or video to remember it by. All of this could be done in just a few days’ time.


Many of the couples that come to Beach Weddings VA had already started planning a large, traditional wedding. But somewhere along the way, the stress began to build up to a point that they were just about to give up and not get married at all! Our goal is to put your mind at ease so you can relax and put your focus on your love for each other and your new life together. A wedding does NOT have to be a stressful event.


Not everyone likes to stand up in front of friends/family and profess their love and commitment. We can help you find the right balance of intimacy while still having great photos and/or video to share later.


This is a major reason for choosing to elope. When considering the cost of food & beverage, venue, music and decorations, a wedding can easily cost $35,000 and much more. So many couples have decided that’s not really the best use of their hard-earned dollars. The most expensive package we have at Beach Weddings Virginia is the Destination Wedding for 2. For about $2,000, it includes professional photography, video, decorated wedding trellis, a fresh-flower bouquet, petite wedding cake and officiant to perform the ceremony on the beach at sunset.

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